RPL TRADING FZE was established in U.A.E. with the objective of being a provider of trading & leasing solutions to meet the shipping, storage and modified marine container needs throughout U.A.E. other locations in the Middle East and at major locations in India also.

RPL TRADING provides unparalleled quality and service to customers of all sizes. We can provide you the most strategic, cost effective storage and transportation solution available with the containers that will meet your needs.

Facing the unpredictable and rapidly changing market, our company sets its course with values-driven service based upon loyalty, passion and efficiency. Let our experience navigate your needs in this competitive intermodal industry for your business.

Our Vision

To be recognised as a premier container company active in a number of specialised and commodity-type shipping segments.

Our Mission

To fulfill our customers’ intermodal equipment needs and surpass expectations while supplying quality products and services through a dynamic, flexible and adaptive approach.